New Age is a group of spiritual movements which are founded in the modern times. As the founders of these movements claim their goal is to help a person spiritually, to get insight into the truth or to reach salvation. But what is controversial about all those movements is that a person is supposed to reach salvation by himself, that is without God. In their spirituality they often use the name of God, but do they really speak about the true God?

Which movements belong to New Age?

The movements that belong to New Age are Yoga, Reiki, Scientology, Transcendental Meditation, Bruno Gröning movement, different meditations from Buddhism. We can also include Sai Baba, Sri Chinmoy and many other spiritual teachers and their movements. Most of these spiritualities originate from India and Far East, but Scientology was founded in USA and Bruno Gröning movement in Germany. The roots of Transcendental Meditation are in India, but this movement really started to develop when it reached USA and Europe. On this website I will try to explain these movements from the Christian point of view.

Many of these movements proclaim peace, like Sai Baba does, but there were too many murders around him. Founders of other "religions" were close friends with Satanists and recommend their books, like in Scientology. Some of them even proclaim themselves to be Messiah, like Sun Myung Moon. All this shows that these are false religions and false teachings that are only misleading people.

What opinion do Catholic theologians have about New Age ?

On this website there is a link to official website of the Catholic Church, with the document JESUS CHRIST THE BEARER OF THE WATER OF LIFE. This document is a Christian reflection on the New Age. There are also links to other websites dealing with the same subject.


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